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On the Issues:

  • Fiscal Responsibility – I understand that City resources are limited, and I believe that Council must spend taxpayers’ money wisely and efficiently.  I will work to ensure that the needs of all segments of the community are met.  Using my training, professional experience, and my familiarity with City government, I will ask the tough questions and exercise the necessary due diligence.  I will be a strong advocate for Summit when interacting with Union County, with the goal of ensuring that Summit gets its fair share of services and that tax dollars are returned back to our community.

  • Smart Land Use Planning – The Master Plan Re-Examination – which was completed in Fall 2016 with extensive community input – offers a vision for Summit’s downtown and other neighborhoods.  I can bring my knowledge and experience to the table to advance responsible and consistent land use decisions aiming for projects that will make Summit more vibrant, more fiscally stable, and more sustainable. 

  • Strong Public Schools – Our outstanding public schools are one of Summit’s most valuable assets.  Keeping our schools top-notch requires consistent effort and community involvement.  I will be a strong voice for Summit’s public schools on Council.
  • Transparency – New technologies make it easier for governments to be more interactive and responsive to their constituents.  However, too many people in our community learn about decisions only after they have been made.  I want to encourage transparency in government by making sure that issues are communicated to residents in such a way that they can be thoroughly discussed and understood before votes are taken. 
  • Good government – To me, “good government” means listening to and finding consensus among our residents.  We are a very diverse community in Summit, which is our strength.  But, we must ensure that Council hears all points of view, and appreciates the various challenges that many in our community face.

Fox for Summit Council
PO Box 195
Summit, NJ  07902
Terri Tauber - Treasurer

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